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Gene Rubin Audio is one of the USA's longest existing dealers of high quality audio equipment for your home. Superb customer service is a priority.

Way back in 1979, I had a dream to make a business of my second favorite hobby. Listening to music. What's my first favorite? Well, playing music, of course. Thank you for taking a look around my site, I hope you like what you see and that I can help you with your interests as well.

By appointment only.

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Thank you, Gene Rubin

I sell your used gear on consignment. Click "Sell Your Stuff" in the menu for more information.

Great LFD LE III Review. Click me.

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Aurender Digital Products

Jon Palmer LP Turntable
Best table I have ever heard!

Koetsu Phono Cartridges
World's Reference. The best there is!

Michael Lewis Mandolin $14,000

Gene and Michael Rubin

LFD NCSE amplifier

Harbeth Compact 7es3
My best selling speaker, ever!

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