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I Sell Your Stuff For You!


Let me sell your "unwanteds" for you!

For many years I have been selling my client's audio gear for them on a commission basis. As time went on, people were coming to me with everything from cameras, artwork and automobiles, to campers, buses and houses. 

For most items, audiogon or ebay auctions are our best bet. It takes proper pictures, critical timing and especially superb ebay and audiogon "feedback", to bring top dollar. What is more, buyers feel insecure to buy from private parties where they will bid higher when buying from a well known dealer such as myself. 

Rate:  You net 50% of actual sale price. I pay all paypal, auction and credit card fees out of my share.

My ebay rating is over 6,000 "100% Positive".  Audiogon rating is 100% as well.

Process: If your items are easily shipped, send them to me so I can take over including taking pictures, writing listings, answer bidders questions, bill and ship to buyer.

If you items are not easily, or practically, shipped, you can email me proper pictures and details. After the sale is completed, I will email you the buyer's address, you ship, the buyer pays the shipping cost. After buyer has received items, I will forward the buyer's payment to you.

Feel free to email or call me and let me know what you have.

"Happy to be of service"~ Gene Rubin