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LFD Amplifiers
LFD makes two extraordinary amplifiers. The LFD Zero LE V and the LFD NCSE. You absolutely have to hear these amplifiers before your purchase of any competing amps at any price!

Be sure to read the reviews from Stereophile Magazine and

Best sounding amp I have ever heard!

Click for Stereophile Review!

Have you read the reviews? The Harbeth loudspeakers are "jaw droppers!"  Harbeth speakers compete with any speakers at any price. Yes, that even means those $30k and $60k speakers.


Heed Amplifiers
Heed of Budapest Hungary builds some insanely high quality amps. This Elixir model is one of the best bargains I have come across in years.


Sutherland Engineering
These USA made phono stages are not only being built by some of the nicest folks, but the sound quality is superbly involving at down to earth prices!


Audio Desk Systeme  LP Cleaner
Whoa! This machine cleans better than any I have ever tried and on top of that, it is fully automated. Just stick the record in and walk away!



Exposure Electronics
 Very high quality gear, made in the UK, at prices that many other companies go to China for.



Quadraspire Racks
Quadraspire builds incredibly elegant equipment racks in England. There is a wonderful choice of wood and racks.  Be sure to visit Quadraspire's website to see all the possible combinations.


Ortofon, Koetsu, Clearaudio, Dynavector
Carefully selected, the above companies are your best choices in LP phono cartridges. Choosing the right cartridge for your system is critical. Your needs and tastes along with my expert advice will assure the very best choice in your cartridge endeavor.



Jon Palmer Turntables
Here is the best table I have heard in my 36 years in the business, click on the picture for much more information.


Vinnie Rossi LIO Amplifier
Modular chassis can include choice of amp, DAC, phono stage, headphone amp, and much more. Wonderful sound and build quality!


Acoustic Signature Turntables
German made LP turntables. A particular bargain is the WOW turntable. The next model up, the WOW! XL is an extraordinary performer as a reasonable price.


Rega's is the worldwide leader in "affordable" high end gear.  Rega's prices are quite affordable.


Spendor Speakers
Spendor has been with me since the very beginning. I can still remember how moved I was the very first time I heard the Spendor BC-1's back in 1977. Excellent British build and sound quality.


Clearaudio Turntables
Clearaudio German built turntables offer a fit and finish and a sound that will keep you up all night listening to your LP's! 


Aurender streaming products are amazing in sound and build quality. Very easy to use!

The World's most musical cartridges!

Plus products from Dali, Musical Surroundings, Creek, Music Hall, Cablepro, Audience, Nitty Gritty, KAB, Zerostat, Sound Anchors, Resonant Woods, and more!